PSY unveils new music video ‘Gentleman’


2013 NRJ Music Awards

“Gangnam Style” internet star Psy has unveiled his newest dance move in a song entitled “Gentleman.”

YG Entertainment said of the new song: “As in the first track, where you had a guy who clearly wasn’t ‘Gangnam Style’ claiming to be one, the song has Psy proclaiming to be a gentleman.”

Psy, Gangnam director Cho Soo-hyun and his gang filmed the new video in 4 days around locations in Seoul. Familiar faces from the last Psy song are also present, including local comedians Yoo Jae-Seok, Noh Hong-chul (elevator guy), and the beautiful Ga-in (from KPOP group Brown Eyed Girls).

Psy says the dance moves on his new song are a “Psy Style” take on a well-known traditional Korean Dance. He explained: “something that every Korean knows, but foreigners don’t”.

“Gentleman” was unveiled at the “Happening” concert on Saturday held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in Sangam-dong, western Seoul, while it was live-streamed on YouTube at the same time.

Photos by: Marta Szczesniak/Pat Denton/


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