Kevin Bacon tweets ‘The Following’ spoiler, apologizes to “late viewers”


The New York premiere of 'The Following'

Kevin Bacon has learned that when you tweet a plot twist quickly after your show aired, you’ll be receiving the wrath of fans from other time zones.

“The Following” star apologized for disclosing a crucial plot for the show before its telecast, after he revealed the spoiler via Twitter through a re-tweet. Soon after, the tweet went viral and got Bacon in trouble.

Kevin realized his mistake quickly and apologized, saying: “To all the fans abroad and late watchers I’m truly sorry I retweeted a spoiler. I just wasn’t thinking. Won’t happen again.” He also posted an apology on his website, ending his message with “My bad.”

In ‘The Following,’ which is set to end on April 29, Bacon plays a former FBI agent named Ryan Hardy, who is the “leading man” of a serial killer’s upcoming book based on real-life killings, the bad man’s cult, and their love triangle.

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