Avril Lavigne shares about wedding proposal from fiancé Chad Kroeger


Avril and Chad out and about

Avril Lavigne is taking a chance on marriage the second time around, after her boyfriend Chad Kroeger popped the question after just a month of dating.

Lavigne, who just released her new single “Here’s to Never Growing Up,” visited Ryan Seacrest’s radio show to reveal the news, discussed a bit about her wedding plans and how the Nickelback frontman’s “romantic proposal” went down.

Avril shared how they met and became a couple, saying “We met in the studio. Wrote a bunch of songs together, became really good friends, and now we have a wedding coming up soon!”

As for the proposal, Avril said it went down “in the studio.” Adding: “I have been making this scrapbook of my time in the studio with a Polaroid camera and the only thing that was weird was I walked into the studio and he was putting a picture in to the book and I was like ‘What is he doing?’…And all of a sudden I walk over and he had taken a photo of himself holding the ring box and put the Polaroid in my scrapbook and because I had stickers everywhere he put in ‘Will you marry me?’ It was really romantic.” Yeah, and a 14-Carat Diamond engagement ring sealed the deal.

Avril, like most soon-to-be brides, is leading the wedding preps. She revealed there’s a theme, before Chad joked: “Every man knows we get very little participation in the wedding and these are good things—or else [heavy metal band] Steel Panther ends up playing.”

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