Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore to reunite in rom-com film “Blended”


Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler's new film

Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore are reuniting for a third time in the upcoming film “Blended.”

The two, who worked together with hit romantic comedies “The Wedding Singer” (in 1998) and “Fifty First Dates” (in 2004), was rumored to be teaming up for another rom-com film several months back. Now the project has been confirmed with a script from Claire Sera and Ivan Menchell, as well as revisions from Sandler and Tim Herlihy.

“The Wedding Singer” director Frank Coraci also signed up to work alongside the two.

“Blended” is reportedly about two single-parents who ended up together in an African family vaction. Moviehole summarizes the film as: “Recently divorced mother of two boys, LAUREN REYNOLDS, and widowed father of three girls, JIM FRIEDMAN, have a disastrous blind date that puts them off dating for the foreseeable future. However, when the two purchase a discount “Familymoon” vacation from Lauren’s best friend and business partner, JEN, they wind up at an African resort with their kids in tow. Initially acrimonious, their relationship skews, gradually and irresistibly, towards romance…”

“Blended” will shoot in South Africa & Georgia beginning May 15.

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