Did Lindsay Lohan insist her Adderall subscriptions be allowed during her rehab stint?


Lindsay Lohan is reportedly insisting that she’ll agree to rehab only if she can keep taking Adderall while inside the facility.

TMZ reports that Lohan feels she can’t function without Adderall, the drug she’s been taking for years. And during plea negotiations, this was her only demand. She’s even going to take her chances at trial if she didn’t get her way.

While TMZ says her lawyer Mark Heller is working to grant her request, the lawyer denies it ever happened. He said Monday: “That was never a part of any discussion with the prosecutors or the court. That was never an issue we addressed. Prosecutors or the court would never interject themselves into medical determinations. Patients traditionally apprise facilities of what medications, if any, they’re prescribed, and after a full series of medical evaluations, each facility determines what medications, if any, are going to be allowed. This is never dictated by the patient. It’s always determined by medical staff who are well qualified.”

Two weeks ago, a California judge approved the deal Lohan made with prosecutors that involved 90 days of residential rehab, 18 months of psychological counseling and 30 days of community service.

Photos by: WENN.com


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