Lindsay Lohan Spends Weekend Partying


Lockdown rehab what? Sure she’s got a 90-day sentence for rehab, plus a 5-day vacay in jail, but these aren’t stopping Lindsay Lohan from having a good time.

The troubled actress started the weekend by going to Fluxx nightclub in San Diego together with a female friend, with whom she shared a drinking spree. She may have tried to hid herself with a baseball hat, but she was still spotted chugging on a Kettle One vodka on the rocks.

She was also seen smoking and chatting with folks in the club.

The following night, Lohan went to 41 Ocean in Santa Monica, this time to watch her new boyfriend, Avi Snow, perform on stage with his band, City of the Sun. There she was spotted drinking Pellegrino.

Photo credit: Ivan Nikolov/


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