Lindsay Lohan Gets Plea Deal of 90 Days of Rehab, 5 Days Jail Time


There will be no trial for troubled actress Lindsay Lohan, as she gave no contest to a plea deal offered by the prosecutors for the misdemeanor charges against her.

The “Liz & Dick” star struck a no contest deal of 90 days of rehab in an in-house facility, plus 5 days behind bars, and serve 30 days of community labor. On top of that, she will be undergoing 18 months of psychological counseling for the three charges that have spawned out of her car accident back in June 2012.

The five-day jail time was given by Judge James Dabney after she violated her probation (in lieu with her January 2011 necklace theft). She can, meanwhile, serve her community sentence in New York.

There’s no word yet on whether she will be putting up with her 5-day jail stay; she usually ended up staying only for a few hours behind bars due to overcrowding.

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