Justin Bieber Finds Support from One Direction



When Justin Bieber lashed out on a paparazzo last week, he was defended by British talk show host Piers Morgan. And now he’s found a new ally in the UK-this time with the tween boy band One Direction.

Well, it’s quite understandable. The guys know what it’s like to be Bieber-after all they have their own audience filled with crazy female fans, experience problems during concerts, and are constantly chased by the paparazzi.

Thus two of the band’s members, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson gave their moral support to the singer via Twitter.

“Although I don’t know him personally,” tweeted Tomlinson. “I do wish the press would take it easy on @justin bieber. I really do empathise with him, I don’t see anything out of character in comparison to any other teenagers I know.”

Malik also expressed his support for The Biebs, who just turned 19.

“@Louis_Tomlinson what a dud man 😀 ha got your back bro!! @justinbieber.”

Bieber immediately felt the Twitter love from the two and returned the favor.

“@zaynmalik @Louis_Tomlinson thanks fellas,” he said. “all good over here. Much appreciated.”

Photo credit: Rui M. Leal/Carly Lemon/Dan Jackman/David Sims/WENN.com


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