Jermaine Jackson is now officially named Jermaine Jacksun


Last year, Jermaine Jackson announced that he’s changing his famous last name “Jackson” to Jacksun for artistic reasons… and he followed it up by filing legal papers. Now, it’s official: Jermaine Jackson’s name has been changed to Jermaine Jacksun.

Many people thought it was a publicity stunt when he announced his decision for a name change, but now that he actually followed through with his plan, many are confused as to why.

The former Jackson Five member hasn’t given a statement, but he listed “artistic reasons” in his paperwork. Ironically, Jermaine is still touring Europe with his brothers under the “Jackson” name. TMZ reports that while performing in the UK, Jermaine’s attorney was on hand to represent him for all legal proceedings.

It remains to be seen if Jermaine is planning a tour as a solo artist with his new last name, but the change seems to point to that direction.

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