Katie Couric’s Dead Husband ‘Calling’ 911


File this under scary and depressing… Katie Couric’s late husband has been calling 911 every week from a phone line still registered to her husband.

The story, which came from Katie herself on Tuesday, was shared to the audience during one of the breaks while taping her talk show. Members of the audience then passed the weird story on to New York Daily News.

Katie said her husband Jay Monahan (who died in 1998) has been calling 911 from a phone line at 2am every Tuesday. Katie reportedly kept the line, but don’t connect any phone to it.

According to Couric, there had been at least 10 calls to date and a police man responds to the call and checks out Katie’s home every time. Couric called NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly for help, and he started an investigation.

A source from the NYPD tells the New York Daily News that someone might be illegally hijacking the phone via a device – an explanation less scary than a dead loved one calling 911.

Photos by: Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com


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