Chris Brown blames car-chasing paparazzi for his crash on eve of Grammy Awards


Chris Brown crashed his car into a wall in upscale Beverly Hills on Saturday, and told police he was trying to escape from aggressive paparazzi who were following him.

Beverly Hills police Sergeant Kurt Haefs said that Brown claimed to have been chased by photographers right up until the crash. The singer wasn’t cited or arrested, but his car had to be towed away due to the damages done to his black Porsche.

Meanwhile, TMZ reported that the paparazzi Brown claimed to be chasing him had insisted that were not involved with the accident and only arrived on the scene when Brown crashed.

Chris Brown is insisting that the paparazzi caused his accident, and is firing back at the denials of the photographers TMZ talked to. Brown’s rep said in a statement: “We plan on seeking criminal charges and holding them civilly liable.”

Photos by: Daniel Tanner/


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