Russell Brand still open to marriage despite Katy Perry divorce


Russell Brand won’t let his highly publicized divorce from pop star Katy Perry get in the way when time comes he finds the right one.

Brand told UK magazine ShortList that his divorce won’t keep him from tying the knot again someday. He said, “Not at all. I liked marriage. Most of it was brilliant. You can’t condemn an institution on one incident. You can’t condemn the whole Catholic Church for a few dodgy priests.”

While marriage is still an option for Brand’s future, the funny man is hinting that he doesn’t want a celebrity wife. He explained: “I feel different about my private life. I feel like I need to have one now. If you’re married to someone who’s also famous, privacy becomes a commodity. But f–king hell, that’s not really a problem in a world where people are starving. My attitude to fame and celebrity changes continually.”

Russell Brand and Katy Perry got married in October 2010 and divorced 14 months later citing “irreconcilable differences.” They were officially divorce in July 2012.

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