Beyoncé’s publicist wants unflattering Superbowl photos removed online


Beyonce isn’t thrilled about unflattering photos taken of her during her Superbowl performance… and is asking her publicist to request a take-down of these photos online.

It seems that Beyonce can’t get a break. After her lip-synching of the national anthem during President Obama’s inauguration that became a buzz a few weeks ago, her Super Bowl performance (which is quite good) is now on the headlines. Although it isn’t for lip-synching, Beyonce apparently wasn’t pleased with how some of the photos of her performing looked.

The website Buzzfeed published 33 of the less photogenic photos of Beyoncé’s performance, then Gawker reported that Beyonce’s publicist has called Buzzfeed for them to be taken down, “respectfully asking” that they remove some of the “unflattering” photos, specifying seven in particular as “the worst”.

The Buzzfeed article “entitled “The Fiercest Moments from Beyonce’s Halftime Show” remains online though, despite the request of Beyonce’s team.

Photos by: Ivan Nikolov/


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