‘Warm Bodies’ tops box office with $20.4 million


Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer’s zombie love story “Warm Bodies” won big at the box office with a $20 million opening on Super Bowl weekend, the weekend that usually brings down movie goers to watch the game.

The PG13 film attracted many of its target teen fans across the states, which led to 60% females dragging along their partners to the theaters.

“Warm Bodies” is about a zombie (played by Nicholas Hoult) whose love for a human (Teresa Palmer) turns him back into his old self. The film is also by Lionsgate, known for releasing the Twilight Saga. It combines humor, supernatural and romance all into a “rom zom com,” as Lionsgate calls it for promotion.

Lionsgate executive vice president David Spitz even said the studio courted female teens by showing the “Warm Bodies” trailer with the final Twilight film “Breaking Dawn, Part II.” Spitz added, “There was just nothing in the marketplace like this. Is it more zombie horror? Is it more romantic comedy? Is it more comedy? It’s a mixture and that’s the reason why the film found an audience.”

Photos by: Daniel Deme/WENN.com


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