Justin Bieber visits 7-year-old leukemia patient


Just after Justin Bieber was photographed smoking what appeared to be marijuana, the pop star came to visit a 7-year-old girl named Millie Flam – a Bieber fan who is battling cancer and was crushed to sell her tickets to the singer’s Salt Lake City concert after her recent leukemia relapse.

On Saturday, Justin was late for his own concert because he visited Millie Flam, after thousands of Bielibers launched a social media campaign that urged Justin to meet with the young girl. Millie’s mom Amanda Flam said the visit only came together at the last minute.

Amanda shared to E! News: “All of a sudden it pulled through and we were able to do a really intimate little meeting with just her and us and Justin, and it was incredible and he was so sweet to her. He walked in and her whole face just lit up, and she turned around and hugged her dad, and then he ran over and came next to her and gave her a big hug.”

Bieber also sang his hit song “Baby” to Millie while holding her hand, then gave her his guitar pick. Millie’s mom said, “She is squeezing onto it with all her might and will not let it go.” Before leaving, Justin gave Millie a kiss on the cheek, with the little girl telling her mom: “You are never going to wash my face again.”

Despite Justin’s most-recent scandal with the pot, it’s nice to know his team is doing good of keeping his fan base happy. Millie’s mom said of Justin’s visit: “It has re-energized all of us” and the family is “ready to keep going and fight harder with all this backing and this fun thing that has happened today, and keep going and keep fighting.”

Photos by: Hugh Dillon/WENN.com


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