Al Pacino to portray Phil Spector in David Mamet’s HBO film


Oscar winner Al Pacino will team up with Helen Mirren for the HBO biopic on legendary music producer Phil Spector, who is still serving a prison sentence for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson.

Oscar-nominated writer David Mamet, who penned the upcoming film, said during the TV Critics Association press tour panel for “Phil Spector” that he wasn’t really interested in Spector himself calling the guy “a freak and a murderer” during his trial. However, his interest changed when his agent sent him the documentary “The Agony and Ecstasy of Phil Spector.”

Like Mamet, Al Pacino also didn’t find Phil Spector interesting and didn’t feel the need to meet him personally to portray the character. Pacino explained, “The play is the thing. It’s what I read from Mamet about this particular character. That is my extent of my knowledge about him. I didn’t meet him because he’s in prison, he’s already been convicted. This man I’m playing is the guy who was there before he was convicted …It’s a different Phil Spector now.”

Phil Spector will air at HBO on March 24.

Photos by: Joseph Marzullo/


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