Kevin Federline’s brother: “I’m the father of Britney Spears’ son Sean”


Britney Spears may have been drama-free lately, but people around her are starting up the drama again. This time, the brother of Britney’s ex Kevin Federline is claiming he fathered Spears’ son Sean.

RadarOnline is reporting that Christopher Federline launched a legal action against Spears, claiming he is the “true father” of her 7-year-old son Sean Preston. In the documents he filed, Christopher claims he slept with Britney while she was married to Kevin, saying “I do confess I slept with Britney, and I am the true father, but the public does not need to know.”

Federline is also alleging that the “X Factor” judge stole his credit card and used his money to buy thousands of dollars’ worth of comics for her kids. He adds that when he confronted Spears about the theft, “she laughed at me, told me my brother Kevin ruined her life, Britney made fun of me…”

Also in the docs, Christopher Federline is seeking temporary restraining order from Britney, who he calls an “out of control maniac,” adding “he always felt bad about it and kept it to himself because he didn’t want Alisha, his wife at the time, to find out.”

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