Gangnam Style reaches one billion views on YouTube


Not only has Gangnam Style beat Justin Bieber’s “Baby” as most-watched video, it has also reached one billion views on video streaming website YouTube.

Google (owner of YouTube) said the video had been watched 7 to 10 million times a day on average since it was posted online on July 15, 2012.

The Korean song, which was made by South Korean pop star PSY, mocks the affluent Gangnam district of the South Korean capital Seoul, but its political meaning has been lost in the millions of views. Apparently, people adored the unique dance in the video.

The video’s famous dance was invented by 34-year-old singer PSY (Park Jae-sang). It involves crossing the wrists, imitating riding a horse and jumping to the groove. PSY explained how to do his moves, “When you dance you’ve got to think you’re riding an invisible horse in your lower body. This is the point of the Gangnam Style – dress classy and dance cheesy.”

Aside from the crown of being a record holder on YouTube, PSY has reportedly earned an estimated total of £150,000 from views alone. Add the £5 million+ coming from CD sales, downloads, and live concerts… and you’ll see why PSY can afford to buy a Westwood condo.

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