Ben Affleck drops out of “Focus”


Just when Kristen Stewart confirmed that she’ll be working on the film “Focus,” her supposed co-star Ben Affleck has dropped out of the film.

Ben Affleck has been having a successful comeback in the film industry with The Town and Argo (earning over $90 million each). Success usually comes with scheduling conflicts, which caused Ben to focus on other work as a writer/director than acting alongside Stewart. His next directorial effort is reportedly the Dennis Lehane adaptation, a feature version of Stephen King’s The Stand and a film about the Boston gangster Whitey Bulger.

Variety reports that Affleck’s increasingly hectic schedule has forced him to drop out of the drama Focus – a film that focuses on a veteran con man (supposed to be played by Affleck) who meets working with a young woman new to the game (Kristen Stewart’s role).

Because of this new development, Warner Bros. is now looking for a new actor to play the lead to meet their scheduled Spring 2013 start date for production.

Photos by: Nikki Nelson/FayesVision/


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