Ariel Winter’s Mom Plan to Release Nude Pics of Daughter Backfires


Modern Family star Ariel Winter has been living with her older sister Shanelle after a judge found their mom unfit as a guardian. Now, Ariel’s mom has reportedly tried to leak naked pictures of Shanelle in hopes of getting the custody back, but the plan has backfired.

Ariel Winter’s family drama continues even if a judge has ruled in October that she be under the custody of her older sister Shanelle Workman. This occurred after Crystal Workman allegedly abused her daughter Ariel. While Crystal has always insisted no abuse happened under her roof, she continues to fight to regain custody and is reportedly doing whatever it takes – even releasing naked pictures of her own daughter. reports that Crystal contacted Hollywood publicist Jonathan Hay to “leak” risque pictures of her oldest daughter probably to prove she’s an unfit legal guardian. Unfortunately for the mom, a source close to the case says this plan may “backfire on her in a major way” and will only prove Ariel and Shanelle’s point that their mom is indeed emotionally abusive.

The source added, “A child custody investigator has been assigned to the case and this is something that will be looked into extensively.”

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