Michael Richards is back on TV


Seinfeld’s ‘Cosmo Kramer’ has landed a new gig! The controversial actor Michael Richards has been cast in a new sitcom.

The 63-year-old actor has reportedly begun shooting TV Land’s “Giant Baby” alongside Rhea Perlman and Kirstie Alley. The pilot is about a Broadway star named Maddie Banks (played by Alley) reconnecting with his long-lost son whose adoptive mother dies… with Maddie’s limo driver (Richards) and assistant/BFF Perlman in supporting characters.

This new role will be Richard’s first TV gig since he played Cosmo Kramer in the 9-season NBC sitcom Seinfeld (that ended in 1998). After Seinfeld, Michaels began his stand-up gigs, but has remained low profile since his November 17, 2006 incident when he launched a racist rant at the LA Laugh Factory, after a few hecklers disrupted his routine.

The racist rant, where he dropped the N-word to a group of young African-American men, was video-recorded and uploaded on the Internet. Although he did apologize via satellite feed when his former co-star Jerry Seinfeld appeared on David Letterman’s “Late Show,” the meltdown had affected his career since.

Here’s to hoping “Giant Baby” receives good ratings, since everyone deserves a second chance, don’t you think so?

Photos by: Ivan Nikolov/Nikki Nelson/WENN.com


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