Gabriel Aubry Gets Restraining Order Against Olivier Martinez


With his face all bruised up, Gabriel Aubry took to the courts and got a restraining order against Halle Berry’s fiancé Olivier Martinez following alleged death threats.

Gabriel Aubry reportedly obtained a restraining order against Olivier Martinez, after the two fought on Thanksgiving Thursday and Gabriel explained on his declaration what happened leading to and during the incident.

According to the model’s declaration, Gabriel took her daughter Nahla to the school play, where Halle and Olivier showed up unannounced. Olivier allegedly whispered in French on Aubry’s ear saying, “I wish I could beat the s**t out of you right now. You’re lucky we’re in a school right now. We’re going to take Nahla right now and you’re not going to follow us.”

The next day, Gabriel was allegedly confronted by Olivier who went outside of Halle’s home to pick Nahla up (instead of the nanny who usually welcomes the 4-year-old back when Aubry drops her off). On his declaration, Olivier then said “We need to talk,” before knocking Gabriel to the ground (slamming his head on the concrete driveway), brutally beating him and telling him the custody issues “cost them $3 million” and he would kill him if he didn’t allow them to move to France.

Gabriel added in the declaration that Olivier said they had called the police and that Gabriel should lie about who started the fight.

Sources on Halle’s side claim it was Gabriel who started the fight. An emergency protective order has already been issued against Gabriel requiring him to stay 100 yards away from Halle, Olivier, and Nahla, which Aubry is definitely fighting.

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