Justin Bieber brings mom to AMAs


Justin Bieber may be having some love trouble with her girlfriend Selena Gomez, but it didn’t keep the Biebs from finding a new date to the 2012 American Music Awards – the pop star brought his mom along.

Bieber has kept mum about his recent breakup with Selena, mentioning her only once as she accepted three AMA awards that night.

When it was announced that he won “Artist of the Year” award, Justin Bieber took his mom (Pattie Mallette) on stage and directed his speech to his mom (and to his fans). Justin introduced his mom to the world saying, “This is my mom. This is my mom. She’s little but she’s beautiful. Thank you so much.”

Bieber then addressed the crowd and back to his mom…then back to the crowd, saying, “I can’t even think. I’m just so blown away. I want to thank you [Mallette] for just always believing in me. I want to thank just everyone. I’m at a loss for words. I just want to say that it’s hard growing up with everything going on and everyone watching me. As long as you guys keep believing in me, I’ll never… I want to make you proud, so thank you guys so much. I love you.”

Photos by: Apega/WENN.com


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