Khloe Kardashian Lost Weight to prep for X-Factor


Khloé Kardashian made her big debut as co-host to The X Factor this week looking fabulously slimmer than before, so when she revealed her secret, you’d be surprised that she took it old school.

The 28-year-old reality TV star revealed she took on a diet. She explained, “I tried to cut out a lot of sweets. And I love … cheese. [Cheese] is not a sweet, but … I don’t care.” Khloe adds she likes “cheese on anything, I don’t care. … [I] binge eat,” and laughed as she adds, “and cry.”

But even if Khloe diets in her own way, she says shaping up is “a lifelong thing” for her because she’s not where she wants to be. She explained, “When I used to do things like crash diets or things too fast, it never stuck because it wasn’t a lifestyle change. So for this, I’m working out consistently like three to five days a week … It’s been harder. But I’m just changing my diet slowly.”

But when Khloe made her debut on the X Factor stage, it wasn’t her weight loss that took the spotlight. She had a nipslip, which she blames on Hurricane Sandy. Khloe said, “My stuff got stuck on the East Coast, so the top I wanted to wear came in that day. I was like, ‘Oh, perfect’ – and we didn’t have time to do it full dress rehearsal, so the first time I ever went onstage was when it was live! So Simon was looking at me and going like this [gestures pointing to her nipples], and I was … covering it with my hair, and I thought, from my angle, maybe it was just … nippily.”

Photos by: Nikki Nelson/Bridow/


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