New Girl’: ‘The Newsroom’s Olivia Munn to play Nick’s love interest


Olivia Munn is set to appear on New Girl.

The Newsroom actress won a role for several episodes of the Zooey Deschanel comedy as a new love interest for Nick (Jake Johnson), Deadline reports.

Her character Angie is described as “sexy, earthy” and “charming” and fits in well with Nick’s room-mates.

The 32-year-old is expected to film her New Girl episodes before returning to work on season two of Aaron Sorkin’s HBO drama The Newsroom, on which she plays economist Sloan Sabbith.

Meanwhile, Justified actor Raymond Barry, True Lies actress Jamie Lee Curtis and This Is Spinal Tap’s Rob Reiner were also reported to appear in the comedy show.

Photos by  Lia Toby/



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