‘Looper’ Bruce Willis: ‘Joseph Gordon-Levitt is like a younger me’


Bruce Willis has said that he sees a lot of himself in his ‘Looper’ co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The Hollywood actors star as the same assassin at different points in his life in the time-bending new film Looper, which is directed by Rian Johnson.

Willis has said that ‘Hesher’ star was perfectly cast in the film particularly because of his physical resemblance to the Die Hard actor.

“I was sitting across from Joe across a table. I was supposed to act and get all my lines right, but I just found myself looking at him and thinking how weird it was,” he joked, according to Flicks and Bits.

The actor added, “It’s really a strange thing to see someone that looks like a young version of yourself. He’s a great actor, I love his work and I just love what he did in this film, Looper.

“He picked up some of my cadence of speaking, which was odd, and yet, really cool at the same time.”

Looper opens on September 28 in the US.

Photos by WENN



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