Jennifer Lopez: ‘I’m not missing American Idol’


Jennifer Lopez has revealed that she does not regret leaving American Idol.

Lopez told The Hollywood Reporter that she is far too busy right now to “miss” judging the Fox talent competition.

She explained, “Am I missing Idol? Not yet. I miss it in theory right now. It was hard for me to move on, I really loved it. But no, not yet.”

She added: “I’m on tour and I’m having a great time doing that and I will miss it when I see it on TV and remember all the great moments I had there. But right now… I got my hands full.”

The On The Floor singer’s departure from American Idol came just after her fellow judge Steven Tyler announced he was leaving the series.

She has said that Tyler’s choice to exit American Idol influenced her own decision.

“We had magic. I don’t know, with him gone, it might be a different formula,” Lopez said.

American Idol premieres its new season in early 2013.

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