Britney Spears is easy to work with, says Jim Beanz


US producer Jim Beanz has said that Britney Spears is easy to work with int he studio.

Beanz described the singer and her X Factor co-star Demi Lovato as being down to earth when he worked with them previously.

He told Digital Spy, “They were both very easy to work with.”

“A lot of people would say Demi is more known as a vocalist and Britney’s an entertainer, but what’s most important regardless is being attentive in the studio and open to who you’re working with without having an ego.

“Both of them were very down to earth. I worked with Britney on Blackout and Circus and she was very easy to work with. That’s why the songs came out so amazing.”

Meanwhile, Spears has worked on a brand new track with for his forthcoming solo project #willpower.

Photos by  Robert Button




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