50 Cent mocks Kanye West with Kim Kardashian “trash” comment


50 Cent has called Kanye West’s girlfriend Kim Kardashian “trash”.

The hiphop stars have been competing for record sales for a number of years, but the rivalry looks set to step up a notch after 50 Cent’s latest comments.

The Get Rich or Die Tryin’ star made the off-colour remark when asked by XXL magazine for his thoughts about Kardashian and West’s new song ‘Perfect Bitch’, According to The Daily Mail.

He said: “You know how it is? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

The 37-year-old then continued: “I mean, if that man feel like she’s perfect, then she’s perfect. He could mean it and you’ll end up singing the words to it because he’s Kanye.”

He then left on an ominous note of caution, claiming that “the smartest guys I know have lost being a bad judge of character in that area”.

The feud between two rappers has been on and off for a number of years, with 50 Cent threatening to quit the music business if West’s album Graduation outsold his album Curtis.

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