Mariah Carey Signs up as American Idol Judge for $18M


It’s official! When the next season of American Idol begins, we’ll be seeing a lot of Mariah Carey on TV, as the iconic singer has signed on to be one of the judges next season…and has reportedly bagged a whopping $18M for a year’s worth of work.

Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly revealed Monday that Mariah Carey will be joining the hit Fox franchise…and will be ranking in big bucks for the gig.

Mariah Carey is currently the highest paid judge on any music competition show, followed by Britney Spears (for The X Factor) at $16 million and Christina Aguilera (for The Voice) at $10 million.

Even Jennifer Lopez, who Mariah will be replacing, only took home $12 million during her first year on American Idol and had a $3 million raise on her second (and last) year. What’s a big slap on JLo’s face is that sources close to the production says JLo was negotiating for a raise for her third season, but was rebuffed instead…then here comes news that Idol is willing to shell out $18M for a judge, but unfortunately for Jennifer, it’s not for her.

With one judges confirmed to appear next year, the question remains if Randy Jackson will still be sitting on the judges table, and who will replace Steven Tyler (who also announced he was not returning for another season).

Photos by: Manuil Yamalyan/


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