Jennifer Lopez: ‘I quit American Idol to focus on films’


Jennifer Lopez has confessed that she quit American Idol to focus on her acting.

The star announced last week that she will not return to American Idol, but said that she had an “amazing run” on the series.

Lopez sain in an interview with The AP that her decision to leave the US talent show

was spurred by a renewed interest in film work.

“I do miss doing films. I feel like the last two years with American Idol, I’ve really, really focused on, you know, my music,” Lopez explained. “It was all kind of very synergistic, it worked really well together.”

She continued: “[Movie work] is something that I really loved, it’s how I kind of started in this business, and it doesn’t leave you. I am an actress, I need to do that, too.”

Lopez recently revealed that Steven Tyler’s decision to leave American Idolinfluenced her own departure.

“We had magic. I don’t know, with him gone, it might be a different formula,” she said.

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