Emma Stone: ‘Marc Webb brings humanity to Amazing Spider-Man’


Emma Stone has credited Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb with bringing “humanity” to the movie.

The actress revealed that she was convinced Webb was the perfect choice to helm the Marvel superhero epic after seeing his previous film (500) Days of Summer.

“I think that Marc clearly… I mean, for (500) Days of Summer you can tell that Marc cares about love and he cares about humanity. And that was incredibly important for this movie, for The Amazing Spider-Man,” Stone said, according to Flicks and Bits.

She explained, “He prioritised the relationships just as much as the action. I know he had a million voices in his ear because a movie like this there’s a lot of opinions all the time on everything, and he would come in on Sundays to work on the scenes with us and break them down and build them all the way back up until we had the same scene that was written on the page but we had analysed it to death.

“He was incredibly, incredibly kind and willing to work on that relationship. For my experience, I was very grateful that he came from that background.”

The Amazing Spider-Man is now playing in US.

Photos by FayesVision/WENN.com



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