R. Kelly Owes $5M in Back Taxes


R&B star R. Kelly is facing more financial problems. He reportedly has almost $5 million in unpaid taxes.

This isn’t the first finance-related problem that R. Kelly has faced. Last year, his 20,000-square foot suburban Chicago mansion fell into foreclosure, while J.P. Morgan Chase Bank also claimed that the star owed it more than $2.9 million. Now documents held by the Cook County Recorder of Deeds show the recording artist owes the IRS nearly $5 million in unpaid taxes.

The $5M amount includes taxes dating back as far as 2005. R.Kelly has already paid $2.6 million in back taxes in 2008, then another million last year. But this isn’t enough for all the taxes he failed to pay. Records show he’s still $4.8 million short to keep the federal government away.

Kelly’s spokesman Allan Mayer said that Kelly didn’t have any serious financial troubles in 2011. R.Kelly hasn’t addressed the new tax problems, but he’s scheduled to be busy later this month as he releases his 11th album “Write Me Back.”

Photos by: PNP/ WENN


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