Dark Knight Rises’ Tom Hardy: ‘Bane different to Heath Ledger’s Joker’


Dark Knight Rises actor Tom Hardy has opened up about playing the movie’s villain Bane.

The actor told Entertainment Weekly that fans can expect his character to be radically different to Heath Ledger’s Joker from Christopher Nolan’s previous Batman film.

Hardy said, “The Joker didn’t care.”

“He just wanted to see the world burn, and he was a master of chaos and destruction, unscrupulous and crazy. Bane is not that guy. There is a very meticulous and calculated way about Bane.

“There is a huge orchestration of organisation to his ambition. He is also a physical threat to Batman. There is nothing vague about Bane. No jokes. He’s a very clean, clear villain.”

The Dark Knight Rises opens in cinemas on July 20, 2012.

Photos by  Lia Toby/WENN.com



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