Justin Bieber up for One Direction collaboration


Justin Bieber has reportedly praised British boybands One Direction and The Wanted.

The ‘Baby’ hitmaker revealed that One Direction had visited his home recently and that his supporting act The Wanted are “super talented”.

He told Daybreak, “[One Direction] were here a couple of days ago, they hung out at my house.”

“We never worked on anything, we just hung out, they’re just cool. They’re around my age.”

Asked if there is a possible collaboration, he said, “Yeah, of course.”

On the boyband’s rivals The Wanted, he added: “The Wanted are great and super talented, they’re super nice kids.”

Bieber went on to say that he prefers to keep his career and personal relationships away from each other at all times.

“I try to keep my career and private life separate. If you expose yourself to the world, I’m not going to have anything to myself.”

He recently revealed that a song on his forthcoming album of the same name will be called ‘As Long As You Love Me’.


Photos by WENN



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