Justin Bieber to Be Sued Over a Tweet


Justin Bieber is in trouble because of a tweet he made recently. Apparently, a teen heartthrob who tweets a phone number online could end up receiving thousands of calls. Unfortunately, if the number posted isn’t his (but of two people in Texas), a lawsuit may just be what the heartthrob would get.

It all happened last month when Bieber sent out nine-tenths of a phone number, along with the message “Call me right now.” Although Justin Bieber took down the tweet quickly, hundreds of teenage girls tried to call the number, even if they had to guess the final digit, resulting in a bunch of wrong dialed numbers.
This didn’t bid well to two residents in Texas named Dilcie and Kent, who are both threatening legal action against Justin Bieber for causing them severe irritation and sleepless nights.

A lawyer for the two plaintiffs said his clients are demanding compensation for receiver over a thousand phone calls daily, even at night.

According to TMZ, the suit won’t hold up in court, so goodluck to the two Texans who probably will need to change phone lines soon.

Photos by: Pat Denton/WENN.com


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