‘Jersey Shore’ cast all upset over Vinny exit, says The Situation


Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino has said that the Jersey Shore cast are distraught over the departure of Vinny Guadagnino.

Vinny confessed to his co-stars that he has been suffering with anxiety and exhaustion.

“I know [best friend Pauly D] was genuinely upset. We were all upset, but Pauly took it to heart, I know that for a fact,” The Situation told MTV.

“We almost had a blow-up when he left. You just expect him to be there; you don’t realise what you got till it’s gone, I’ll tell you that.”

Meanwhile, JWoww said: “It hit home for a lot of us because we all had to kind of face our emotions.

“Because Vinny’s the person that’s always our voice of reasoning and [now he] is saying, ‘I can’t take it anymore’.

“This is a family, when you have a brother or sister leave, it’s heartbreaking, it’s sad. You really do feel like something is missing in the house.”


Photos by WENN



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