Kim Kardashian needs family most at Christmas, says Rob


Rob Kardashian has revealed that his sister Kim Kardashian is finding the festive season hard following her divorce from Kris Humphries.

Rob said that the family have been rallying around Kim in order to prevent her dwelling on the failure of her marriage over Christmas.

Rob told People,”This is the time she needs us the most and every time we’re together as a family, we’re having fun. We’re happy.”


“We’ve been together as a family for a long time. We’re normally travelling or working, but we’ve all been together in the same household for about a month or so and it’s definitely a great thing.”

The Dancing with the Stars runner-up went on to say that he is not too concerned about his own single status at present, as he has chosen to focus on his career and well-being.

“I mean, I want a girlfriend. I’ve been single for a while, but I’m 24 years old and I feel like I have a lot of work to do on myself first and that’s really what I’ve been focusing on,” he said. “I’m focusing on my health and getting into shape and my career. I like being single right now.”

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