‘America’s Got Talent’ judge Howard Stern: ‘I will find real talent’


Howard Stern has reportedly promised to find the next “major superstar” on America’s Got Talent.

The shock jock announced on Thursday that he will replace Piers Morgan on America’s Got Talent alongside fellow judges Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne.

He stated on Piers Morgan Tonight, “Whatever you think of me, I’m honest and I give an honest opinion, and really my goal is to find real talent and actually find someone who can become a major superstar.”

Moral values group the Parents Television Council have already condemned Stern joining America’s Got Talent, describing his hiring as an “act of desperation” by NBC.


Stern brushed aside the criticism during his chat with Morgan by saying his only concern is becoming America’s Got Talent’s best judge.

“They start to complain that I’m some sort of weird pervert who’s going to convert Americans into zombie sex fiends,” Stern quipped.

“I can assure you and the rest of America – what I’m looking at here is to be a very good judge.”

America’s Got Talent returns to NBC in the summer of 2012.

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