Alec Baldwin could return to ’30 Rock’


Alec Baldwin has hinted that he might return to 30 Rock for season 7.

Baldwin’s contract with the NBC comedy will expire after the show’s sixth season.

He suggested back in July that he will leave30 Rock once the agreement expires.

However, he has since claimed that he would be open to coming back for at least part of the show’s seventh season.

The AP quotes Baldwin as saying: “I might [return]. I wouldn’t want to prevent them from having another year, because they’re all my friends and they’ve been good to me.

“Maybe I would do a piece of the year. But I really do want to move on to other things.”

The 53- year-old went on to say that he feels very fortunate to be an actor.

“The life I have now is not going to get any better,” Baldwin said. “I have a great job. Everybody thinks I’m funny. I’m fooling everybody. They think I’m talented. I’m pulling the wool over everybody’s eyes and they’re paying me for it. It’s thrilling.”

The sixth season of 30 Rock is expected to premiere in 2012.

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