Real SWAT Team on Brad Pitt’s ‘World War Z’ Set Seizes Real Weapons


At the World War Z set in Glasgow, Scotland, a real SWAT team disrupted scheduled filming and seized 85 live weapons from the Budapest warehouse . reports that the SWAT team seized “serious firepower in the warehouse,” which includes sniper riffles and AK-47’s….all 85 units with live ammunition. The police added that the weapons must be seized because they “were not fully inoperable as they were supposed to be” and it was a “a disaster waiting to happen.”

The movie’s publicist told that the production company behind World War Z (Brad Pitt’s own Plan B Entertainment) is working with the Hungarian authorities to iron out the mess as quickly as possible. Behind-the-scenes people working on the film told Us Weekly that the film is “already over budget and over schedule” and that Brad is “furious” about the incident.

World War Z arrives in theaters on December 2012.

Photos by WENN


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