Ryan Gosling ‘told not to speak on Jay Leno’


Ryan Gosling has revealed that he was told not to speak while conducting a TV interview.

The actor told Tonight Show host Jay Leno about an encounter with one of his agent’s employees in which he was encouraged to be “weird” while participating in the interview.

“I ran into Lisa Shields last night,” Gosling said. “She works for my agent now and one of her jobs is to record all my late night appearances. She told me this last night, she said I’m trying too hard on talk shows.”

Gosling added, “She said, ‘You’re trying too hard to be cool’… I said, ‘I’m going on Jay Lenotomorrow, what should I do?’ She said, ‘I don’t know, just don’t talk. Sit there and don’t talk.’ And I was like, ‘It’s a talk show, how do you not..?’

“And then she said, ‘Do something weird like sit behind his desk and get him to sit in a chair’.”

The Drive star recently confessed that he has always wanted to make comedy films, saying that he prefers the genre to that of drama.

Photos by WENN


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