Katie Price on cosmetic surgery: “I looked like a duck”


Katie Price has confessed that she regrets having so much cosmetic surgery.

The model ruled out having any more procedures until she’s had another child.

“There was a time when I went mad and my lips were ­hideous and I looked like a duck. I look at old ­pictures and I’m scared at what I did to myself,” she told the Sunday Mirror. “I’m not happy with my boobs at all. I had them reduced because I had huge boobs. They were ridiculous.

“I’ll have another kid before I have another boob job to tighten them up. I hate my belly and my knobbly knees and I hate my finger where I had a cancer scare years ago and had a lump removed. My boobs are saggy and my hair’s falling out from where they dyed it wrong in LA.

“But I’m ­perfectly aware that with human life you start out looking like a wrinkly old man and you die looking like a wrinkly old man. You need to deal with that. I could have a crazy perfect face but my body is still going to look old. I’m laying off all that now. I have botox in my forehead but I have eye wrinkles now.”

Price recently confessed that her marriage to Peter Andre “would have lasted” without the presence of TV cameras.

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