Demi Lovato Tells Young Girls to Seek Help


Demi Lovato is turning her bad experience into a positive one. The Disney star is now encouraging young girls and boys to seek help if they need to deal with problems.

Lovato, who went to rehab last year, spoke to the audience at her concert Saturday night saying, “A year ago today … I was not in a good place. I needed help and I want anybody in this audience to know that if you’re struggling with one of the issues that I dealt with or a different issue, that you can get help, that you can recover and it’s possible if you just tell someone.”

The 19-year-old spent three months in a rehab last year to deal with “emotional and physical issues.” Lovato said she was bullied at 8 years old, suffered an eating disorder and had her lowest last year when she began cutting her wrists in despair.

At the crowd who went to watch her performance at New York’s Hammerstein ballroom, Demi said, “There are so many beautiful girls in this audience that don’t know that they’re beautiful, but they just are. So I want to thank you guys for being there for me every single day I was away. I wouldn’t be here without you guys today.”

Demi’s third album “Unbroken” is set to release this week.

Photos by WENN


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