Charlie Sheen Admits His Mistakes, Says He Was Fired for a Reason


Charlie Sheen is doing rounds, admitting his mistakes earlier this year. After going on a tirade against ‘Two and a Half Men’ big boss Chuck Lorre for weeks on end, Sheen admits his catchy lines like “tiger blood,” “adonis DNA” and “winning” were part of him being like a “runaway train.”

Sheen visited the Today Show, explaining to everyone that he’s now sobered up. He said, “I think it’s important that people see, that I see, and that I feel, that that was just one crazy chapter and one weird phase. I was this guy before it started and so I can be that guy again afterwards.”

Charlie then made an appearance on the Tonight Show to promote his Charlie Sheen Roast, admitting his attitude earlier this year was indeed bizarre. He said, “It was like a runaway train that I was kind of the reluctant conductor of. And it just kept going. I said some things that were a little out there. I might have overshot the mark a little bit. But these were just metaphors. I didn’t really believe I had tiger blood or adonis DNA. These were just jokes.”

Jay Leno asked if he admits to being out of control, with which Sheen answered, “Absolutely,” but added that he can’t do it again. Charlie explained to Leno, “I don’t have the energy. I’m out of slogans.”

Do you believe Charlie Sheen?

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