Matt Damon: ‘Liberace’ Movie With Michael Douglas Will Be ‘Great’


Matt Damon is busy with his latest movie, “Contagion,” but he’s already looking ahead to one of his next projects, “Liberace”, it has been reported.

The actor talked about the upcoming biopic with Michael Douglas in the title role at the “Contagion” New York premiere on Wednesday.

He told Access Hollywood, ”[It’s] gonna be great,” he said of the movie, where he’ll play the famous singer/pianist’s partner, Scott Thorson.

Matt explained that he and Michael haven’t rehearsed any of the movie’s more intimate moments.

“We just get together on weekends and make out? No,” Matt said, when asked if there has been any private time for him and Michael to get into character.

“We were talking about getting together and reading some of the scenes, the parts are fantastic… It’s really, really wonderful and we want to get it right,” he added.

Contagion is set to release in theaters on Friday.

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