Al Pacino: ‘Scarface is one of my favourite films’


Al Pacino has ranked his 1983 crime drama Scarface as one of his favourite movies.

The actor recalled that critics were ambivalent toScarface upon its original release and declared that it’s “almost a miracle” that audiences eventually championed the film.

Pacino told The AP, “[Scarface is] one of my favourites because of its whole evolution. It [was] sort of eviscerated after it opened by the press.”

“Nobody was fond of it, except it had good audience participation.”

The Academy Award winner, who played drug lord Tony Montana in Scarface, went on to suggest that the film stands as an iconic representation of life in the 1980s.

He explained: “At that time, there was this whole thing about greed, which was Wall Street and everything, and I think that’s part of it. A great character, too, Tony Montana – a person who dares to do anything, who flies like a Phoenix, like Icarus, close to the sun.”

Pacino’s next film Wilde Salome is expected to be released later this year in US cinemas.

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