Amy Winehouse’s Home Robbed Of Music, Personal Items


It would seem that for some, stealing from the dead just isn’t a taboo. Amy Winehouse’s family and reps are reporting that items have been stolen from her home, including lyric books, unreleased music, guitars and several other personal bits and pieces.

The robbery occurred sometime in the days following her death, once police and fan presence lessened. It was probably recently, when the family was out of the country trying to deal with her passing.

I am a little bit surprised that the house wasn’t better secured. If valuable items were still being held there, especially unique ones that could get massive retail value to the right bidders, you would think that there would be something to keep it all safe. Or that one of the first things done would have been to collect those items and store them somewhere safe.

Either way, it is shocking that someone would break in and steal things from a dead woman. What was the purpose? Taking something from a well known person would make it hard to find a buyer anyway, because it would be obvious the thing had been stolen in the first place.

Could it have been a fan?


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