Kris Jenner: ‘Kim Kardashian’s wedding will have surprises’


Kris Jenner has said that Kim Kardashian’s wedding will have “a lot of surprises”.

The reality tv star confessed that she is thrilled by her daughter’s engagement to NBA star Kris Humphries and said that she is looking forward to the couple’s August 20 wedding.

Jenner told Us Weekly, “I’m excited, and there’s a lot of surprises.”

“I love Kris [Humphries] because he makes [Kim] happy. I feel like she’s at peace. She’s ecstatic!”

Kim’s mum also admitted that she thought Humphries was the perfect match for her daughter from the first time she met him.

When asked whether her first impression of Humphries was positive, Jenner answered: “Yeah, because I knew how [Kim] felt. She kind of works with her head and she works with her heart, and I think that in this case, she just thinks that he is the guy.”

Photos by WENN


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