‘Lincoln Lawyer’ Films/Books To Hit TV Screen In New Series


The book series by Michael Connellyabout a defense attorney working out of his old Lincoln, which became a film starring Mathew McConaughey, is set to be turned into a new legal drama for TV.

The movie wasn’t a huge hit, though it managed to bring in a decent global gross earning by the end of the year it was released. That was probably due to the popularity of the books, and an all-star cast that included Marissa Tomei and Ryan Phillipe.

Now it is hitting the small screen for a series based on the novels, about a damaged and down-on-his-luck attorney trying to refresh his career.

There is no word yet on who is going to be starring in it, or if any of the original actors will be reprising their roles. Details are sketchy on the release and adaption, as well.

I am kind of sick of legal dramas, to be honest. It seems like everything on television lately is just the same recycled crap going back into syndication before another takes its place.

Originality, please.


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